Ira Brad Matetsky
Ira Matetsky in 2019
Matetsky at the annual dinner of The Baker Street Irregulars in New York City, January 2019
Other namesNewyorkbrad

Ira Brad Matetsky (born 1962)[1] is an American lawyer and Wikipedian.

Matetsky has practiced law since 1987, and has been a partner at Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer,[2] a New York City business litigation and real estate law firm, since 2004, working in both their litigation practice group and their cooperative and condominium housing practice group. Before joining Ganfer & Shore, he was a litigation attorney at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, after which he served as co-general counsel at Goya Foods, Inc. He is the editor-in-chief of The Journal of In-Chambers Practice[3][4] and an editor of both the Green Bag Almanac & Reader[5][6] and the Baker Street Almanac.[7] He has been cited as a legal expert by media sources including CNBC, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, and The National Law Journal.[8][9][10][11][12]

He has been a guest blogger for Eugene Volokh's blog The Volokh Conspiracy.[13] Among the clients he has represented while working at Ganfer & Shore is Morris Talansky, on whose behalf he filed a suit against the Israeli satellite company ImageSat International in 2007.[14] The suit was dismissed the following year.[15]

On Wikipedia, he is known by his username Newyorkbrad, and has been a member of the site's Arbitration Committee.[16][17] He began editing Wikipedia in 2005, on the same day that United States Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist died, as he noticed and corrected a factual error on Rehnquist's Wikipedia page. He served on the English Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee from 2008 to 2014, and rejoined it in 2017,[18] making him the Committee's longest-serving member.[19]

As of 2016, Matetsky also serves as the "werowance" (or president) of the Wolfe Pack, an organization of fans of Rex Stout's most famous fictional detective, Nero Wolfe.[20][21] In 2015, Matetsky edited The Last Drive and Other Stories, a collection of Stout's earliest published work.[22]


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